Caparol Icons

CAPAROL ICONS is the leading brand in the market of high-end interior paints made in Germany. Based in the Hessian town of Ober-Ramstadt, the family-run company is a subsidiary of Caparol, which proudly looks back on 125 years of history. Resulting from this longstanding expertise and passion are 120 exclusive and environmentally-friendly paints: based on a study into our culture of colour, the shades in the CAPAROL ICONS range evoke associations of the arts, music, architecture, literature, design, technological progress, fashion, people, ideas, and revolution from the 1950s to the 2000s. Through creative content creation and committed press work, as well as through comprehensive event planning and support, we build a bridge for CAPAROL ICONS to the relevant media. We also initiate effective collaboration projects with influencers and manage the company’s social media channels.

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