We are a versatile team, showing great commitment and creativity in looking after and promoting our clients’ interests. We have trained most of our team members ourselves in our qualified PR traineeship program.

Claudia Neumann – Team – neumann communication

Claudia Neumann

Managing Director
Georg Maurer – Team – neumann communication

Georg Maurer

Managing Director / Consultant at Large
Anne Polch – Team – neumann communication

Anne Polch-Jahn

Senior PR Consultant (on parental leave)
Christiane Konrad – Team – neumann communication

Christiane Konrad

PR Consultant
Hanna Reif – Team – neumann communication

Hanna Reif

PR Consultant (on parental leave)

Stephanie Klein

PR Consultant
Anna Weidemann – Team – neumann communication

Anna Weidemann

PR Consultant

Deike Mlynek

Junior PR Consultant
Isabel Meyer Junior PR consultant

Isabel Meyer

Junior PR Consultant
Hannah Knospe Junior PR Consultant

Hannah Knospe

Junior PR Consultant
Carolin Wiebusch – Team – neumann communication

Carolin Hans

Office Manager
Susanne Dickel – Office Management – neumann communication

Susanne Dickel

Office Manager
Nadine Pringnitz – PR Trainee – neumann communication

Nadine Pringnitz

PR Trainee

Carla Bohn

PR Trainee

Ina Ehrlich

PR Trainee